ASMC congratulates all from the High Desert chapter who have passed their required CDFM exams.

An asterisk (*) indicates Certification was awarded within the last 30 days.

All active CDFMs are listed below. Those whose CDFM is suspended or inactive will not appear in this listing.

Kathleen Augustine, CDFM-ASara Betz, CDFM-AClaudia Buckley, CDFM-A
Steve Cardon, CDFM-ASharon Danburg, CDFM-ARuth DeCoy, CDFM-A
Barbara Hanson, CDFM-ASharon Hayes, CDFM-AAnnaliza Kimball, CDFM
Julie Kligman, CDFM-AEva Lawson, CDFMAllie Ledger-Thomas, CDFM
Wendy Malek, CDFMKelly Marquez, CDFMFrances Morris, CDFM-A
Quy Nguyen, CDFMRobin Nobriga, CDFMAmber Oakey, CDFM
David Overcash, CDFMSheri Pflum, CDFMRebecca Pritchett, CDFM-A
Sherry Raymundo, CDFMArturo Rivas, CDFMKathy Thome-Diorio, CDFM-A (Ret)
Nancy Wachter, CDFM-AChad Woods, CDFM