ASMC congratulates all from the High Desert chapter who have passed their required CDFM exams.

An asterisk (*) indicates Certification was awarded within the last 30 days.
A double asterisk (**) indicates those with Certified Retired Status.

All active CDFMs are listed below. Those whose CDFM is suspended or inactive will not appear in this listing.

Kathleen Augustine, CDFM-ASara Betz, CDFM-ADeb Bower, CDFM-A
Claudia Buckley, CDFM-ASteve Cardon, CDFM-ASharon Danburg, CDFM-A
Ruth DeCoy, CDFM-AMelinda Gibson, CDFM-ABarbara Hanson, CDFM-A
Sharon Hayes, CDFM-AAnnaliza KimballJulie Kligman, CDFM-A
Eva LawsonAllie Ledger-ThomasWendy Malek
Kelly MarquezFrances Morris, CDFM-AQuy Nguyen
Robin NobrigaAmber OakeyDavid Overcash
Sheri PflumRebecca Pritchett, CDFM-ASherry Raymundo
Arturo RivasKathy Thome-Diorio, CDFM-ANancy Wachter, CDFM-A
Chad Woods